Sustainability Award

It shall be awarded to the individuals who during the past year have shown the most inventive and effective development – or discoveries – within the field of alternative, renewable and sustainable energy as well as promoting the use of the same energy. The result must be feasible for practical use.

Candidates are primarily to be found among young researchers and inventors from all over the world. Should a company, organisation or politician fulfil the above criteria, they can also become a candidate, provided that the result of their efforts will come to the benefit for all mankind.

The ENTRANTS are requested to send their ENTRIES to a Selection Committee who will select a maximum of five finalists. The winner will be selected by a jury of seven judges, selected among international and national experts within the domain of sustainability.

The Award shall be given once every year and will be presented in Copenhagen, Denmark and save in the respect of the qualities required to be worthy of the Award, there shall be no discrimination in the presenting thereof.

Nobel Sustainability Trust will release further information regarding The Sustainability Award in the near future.

Sustainable Technology Conference

We will establish an international conference with focus on alternative, renewable, sustainable energy and ways of combating pollution and global warming.

Participants will be invited from major suppliers and consumers of such energy as well as scientists, corporate leaders, politicians and legislators.

The objective is to look into the future and to present hands-on solutions for global sustainability. Top keynote speakers will be engaged accompanied by panel debates and workshops.

The conference is planned to be held annually or bi-annually and will circulate around the world.