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Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company

Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks to provide clean tech innovation with optimal environments in terms of financing, expertise and network to ensure market reach. This in order to accelerate the sustainability transition and ultimately to ensure ready access to energy for all members of our society whilst ensuring the protection of the Earth. Access to energy create independency and social, environmental and financial leverage, and is possible only through the use of sustainable and renewable energy. Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks to encourage action and the implementation of concrete sustainability solutions and projects without further delays.

The recognition “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” is awarded to companies holding outstanding and scalable technologies enabling an acceleration of the sustainability transition and access to energy now. Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks through this recognition to successfully push forward the implementation and awareness of these technologies.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” was first awarded in October 2012 and can potentially be awarded to more than one company per year. Two companies have so far been named “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company”.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” Azuri Technologies – Eight19 Ltd.
Awarded in October 2012 in Copenhagen for its revolutionary “Pay-As-You-Go-Solar” low cost distribution model making solar energy available to all in developing countries. Azuri Technologies Ltd also develops through Eight19 Ltd a ground-breaking organic solar film.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” SUNPARTNER Group – WYSIPS.
Awarded in February 2013 in Vienna for its revolutionary transparent and low cost solar film technology making the use of solar energy possible on multiple surfaces. The WYSIPS (what you see is photovoltaic surface) technology has such various application areas as smart houses and smart cities, transport, communication devices and even textiles. SUNPARTNER also develops a ground-breaking middle concentration photovoltaic technology through Axiosun.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” GreenWave Reality 
Awarded the 23rd October 2013 in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Clean-tech Cluster annual event. The GreenWave Reality Home2Cloud solution engages consumers in their energy consumption by making it visible and manageable. The platform makes it easy and practical to connect and manage all consuming devices to the Internet including electrical appliances, thermostats and LED-lights so they can be easily managed and controlled through a single interface. Users can now see and understand their energy consumption, and utility companies gain improved control of production optimization as they can monitor consumption in real time and more accurately predict peaks and lows in consumption.

Our Mission

There is little or no question that the next generations of humans will sooner or later come face to face with their very survival on this planet. A threat, certainly of our own making, created by an unquenchable thirst for energy and a callous disregard for the natural resources that sustain life. What we chose to do about it now can literally mean the world to our children and theirs. The Nobel Sustainable Trust, founded by members of the Swedish Nobel Family, was established in Switzerland to be a proactive response to this threat, bringing public awareness to the issues of pollution and clean energy and encouraging change. By participating in, and supporting the Trust, its programs and activities, you’re taking a stand for our future as a species on a life-sustaining planet.  It is our position that nothing is more important than this and we want to sustain human life on this planet, now threatened by pollution and global warming, through efforts in the following areas:

  • Reduction of climate change with emphasis on global warming
  • Promotion of advances in clean energy technologies and policies
  • Creation a pollution-free, life-sustaining environment for all
  • Inspiration to this and future generations to attain these goals

The economic and social health of our civilization as a whole directly depends on availability and consumption of freely available energy. Almost 60 % percent of this use today is still met by fossil fuels with the strong probability of an strong increase in the years to come. Alternative renewable energy sources on the other hand only count for a few percentages of the worldwide energy consumption today and for the foreseeable future. Estimates of global energy demand show about two percent annual increase with the developing countries responsible for 75 % of this growth. Making renewable energy available on a larger scale for this increase in demand will require extensive investments but intellectual efforts as well.

The founders of the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation have with great concern seen the resulting rapid depletion of oil and gas sources as well as other non-renewable energy supplies. This over-consumption has been accompanied by increases in the average global temperature and pollution of land, water and air. While there are literally hundreds of different prizes and medals in the world the founders of NST are not aware of any prestigious international award honoring individuals, organizations or companies who have contributed significantly to improving the above conditions. We the founders, feel that such an award would help stimulate and encourage those individuals, organizations and goverments who actively try to remedy this critical situation and have therefore formed the NST with five major objectives and activities.

Top among our activities is rewarding those whose efforts have led or are leading to significant new innovations in energy and the environment. Its aim is to be considered as the preeminent accolade, to be presented in recognition of breakthroughs that further the development of clean and renewable energy, sweet water reclamation, reduction of environmental pollutants and solutions to global warming.  A second area of activity is actively promoting advances in clean energy and pollution through a number of initiatives. These include funding research, both public and private; providing startup grants that support innovation from within the private sector; and influencing national policy and encouraging our lawmakers to enact meaningful, enforceable “Green Earth” legislation. Lastly, we are instituting programs designed to generate public awareness, which is at the heart of change.  Most notable among these is the NST International gathering of scientists, legislators and executives whose purpose is to better understand the challenges of global warming in the face of higher energy demand, and to lay the groundwork for innovative solutions. In addition, our purpose will be to establish new educational scholarships, fellowships and grants to better inform and inspire our young people to contribute to the solution rather than be part of the problem. The power of the brand name of the Trust together with with a remarkable list of celebrity supporters, exposure via film and television assures our ability to expose our message to a very wide audience.

The Sustainability Award

The goal of the Trust is to create, organize and present this Award. It will be given to individuals and organizations in the following four categories:

  • Scientists and/or institutions who have made important discoveries in the renewable energy field or whose discoveries could lead to reduction in pollution and global warming.
  • Corporate leaders or companies who have demonstrated successful efforts in finding new solutions in the energy field in order to reduce consumption of nonrenewable energy and its resulting side effects.
  • Politicians who have distinguished themselves by implementing policy actions in order to reduce non-renewable energy consumption, pollution and warming of the earth’s atmosphere
  • Non-political opinion leaders who, by using their position as public figures substantially helped influence the public opinion of the need of alternative and renewable energy sources as well as encouraged efforts in attempts in reducing global warming.

The award will be given away annually or bi-annually and presented in the form of a medal or sculpture and a diploma. The winners will be presented at a gala dinner with a televised broadcast in connection with the NST Conference described below.

The NST Diplomas

The five runners-up for the Sustainability Award will be selected by the same independent jury and presented during the NST conference.with diplomas of excellence for their contributions.

The NST Conference

The invitation-only conference will take place annually or bi-annually with a focus on renewable energy sources, waysand means of combating pollution and global warming. Its participants will be selected from major suppliers and consumers of such energy sources as well as scientists, legislators and representatives of the media.

The NST Scholarships

Part of the proceeds from the trust’s activities and from other sources will be used for scholarships to young scientists who have made or are on the verge to make significant discoveries in the fields of renewable energy, anti-pollution and global warming reduction but who lack the necessary resources to develop such innovative technologies.

The NST advisory services

The Trust will provide business associates and other interested parties with advice and recommendations for investments into companies showing exceptional promise in sustainability.


In summary it behooves each of us to make a contribution to alleviate the problems of decreasing energy supplies, global warming and pollution of the earth and it is the founders’ hope and belief that our efforts will contribute to this goal. By doing this, we the founders, endeavour to help solve some of the most urgent and important problems of the energy crisis facing mankind and our planet in the centuries to come.