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Michael Nobel

The executive chairman of NST, university professor Michael Nobel, PhD, participated in the
introduction of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as European vice president of Fonar Corp. From
1991 to 2007 he served as chairman of the MRAB Group, a company providing MRI services to
Swedish hospitals. From 1991 to 2006 he was Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the
Nobel Family. He has been consultant to Unesco in Paris and the United Nations Social Affairs
Division in Geneva.
Michael Nobel is presently chairman or board member of six international companies in medical
diagnostics, treatment and information and in five non-for-profit organisations. He is presently
appointed distinguished professor at the Advanced Research Institute of Natural Science and
Technology at Osaka City University and as guest professor at the Seisa and Soka Universities in
Michael Nobel has received twelve honorary doctorates and professorships from universities around
the world and fourteen other awards for his work in medical innovation, conflict resolution and other

Leif Nobel

Leif Nobel, who has a Master’s degree in Political Sciences and Economics, is a retired business
executive. He started his career as a systems analyst with IBM where he held a number of
management positions in distribution, human resources and information systems. After IBM, Leif was
recruited as CEO for one of the largest Swedish information technology consultancy firms, DataLogic
AB, later listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Five years afterwards DataLogic was acquired by
the Cap Gemini management consultancy company and Leif Nobel was appointed CFO for the
merged company and for CAP Gemini’s operations in Norway, Finland and Denmark. After a couple
of years Leif started his own company specialising in IT investments and consultancy services. In this
capacity Leif retained seven positions as board chairman of Swedish publicly listed IT companies for
several years until he retired from active business in 2005.


Peter Nobel

Peter Nobel is currently the CEO and co-founder of the Swedish clean tech company HeatCore AB
which operates in the energy efficiency sector. The company is developing and marketing a highly
compact and efficient heat cell for applications in the global heating industry.
Peter has a degree of Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering from the Royal Institute
of Technology in Stockholm and a degree in business administration from Lund University. He has a
track record of over 25 years positioning companies for success and market share growth in various
industrial markets. He possesses a long experience of holding executive positions in sales and
marketing, R&D and manufacturing functions in global companies like Alfa Laval and SWEP
He has significant expertise in successfully navigating long sales cycles for industrial components for
various global industry sectors and was instrumental for developing heat transfer products into an
exponential growth resulting in a €500 million worldwide market.