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Prof. Michael Nobel, Ph.D

Michael Nobel was born in Sweden and lived in Switzerland for many years. He is a citizen of Sweden and Switzerland. After studies in Sweden and America he obtained a doctorate at the University of Lausanne in psycho-pedagogy. The thesis subject was the evaluation of the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention programs in Switzerland. In the domain of science he worked for seven years as a researcher in social sciences at the Institute for Mass Communication at the Lausanne University and at the Department of Social Psychiatry at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine. He was also consultant to UNESCO in Paris and the Geneva United Nation’s Social Affairs Division in the field of drug abuse prevention. Commercially he participated in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging in 1980 and remained in that field for 26 years. Between 1991 and 2007 he was executive chairman of a group of companies that performed MRI services in Sweden.

He is currently chairman or board member of six international companies in diagnostics, treatment and information systems in the field of medicine. He is also chairman or board member of five US non-for-profit organizations in youth education and development and peace and conflict resolution. He was appointed senator and board member at a center for higher education in Hungary in 2015. For 15 years he represented the Nobel family as vice chairman and subsequent chairman of its board of directors. He is presently chairman of the Nobel Sustainable Trust Foundation in Zürich. In the academic field Dr. Nobel was visiting professor at the Frontier Research Institute of the Tokyo Institute of Technology between 2007 and 2012 and senior lecturer at the Institute for studies of civilizations of the same university. He is a member since 2005 of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Presently his research and teaching position is that of distinguished professor at the Advanced Centre for Natural Science and Technology at Osaka City University and guest professor at the Kyosei faculty of Seisa University in Oiso and the Peace Research Institute of Soka University, Tokyo. He has received twelve academic honor degrees, four doctorates HC and eight honorary professorships from universities in Ukraine, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, Japan and Russia.

Rotary International conferred on him the Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 1997 and he is a honorary member since 20 years of the Rotary Clubs in Karlskoga, Sweden and Miami, Florida.In 2002 he was the recipient of the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award from Morehouse College in Atlanta, previously given once as a shared prize to Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. In 2004 he became the Board of Trustees Citation awardee by the Midwest Research Institute of Kansas City. Previous laureates include Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Edward Teller and Henry Ford. The same year he was endowed with the UNESCO medal for Outstanding Contributions to the Cultural Dialogue Between Nations. In 2005 in Jerusalem he received the Albert Einstein Medal for Outstanding Achievements in Life Sciences and Technology, in 2006 the International Order of Perfection in Moscow and in 2010 the Gusi Peace Prize in Manila. He was awarded its Medal of Distinction by FICAC in Kingston in 2012. In 2013 he received the Order of Duty and Honor from the United Nations Council for Public Awards and the Gold Medal from the IINC, The World Federation of Consuls presented him its Order of Merit in 2014 in Miami and the Patriarchy of Kiev the Cross of St. Michael in 2016


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Leif Nobel

Leif Nobel, who has a Masters degree in Political Sciences and Economics, is a retired business executive. He started his career as a systems analyst with IBM where he held a number of manage-ment positions in distribution, human resources and Information systems.

After IBM Leif was recruited as CEO for one of the largest Swedish information technology con-sultancy firms, Data Logic AB, later listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Five years after-wards Data Logic was acquired by the Cap Gemini management consultancy company and Leif Nobel was appointed CFO for the merged company and for CAP Gemini’s operations in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

After a couple of years Leif started his own company specializing in IT investments and consultan-cy services. In this capacity Leif retained seven positions as board chairman of Swedish publicly listed IT companies for several years until he retired from active business in 2005.


Peter Nobel, M. Sc.

Peter Nobel is currently the CEO and co-founder of the Swedish clean tech company HeatCore AB which operates in the energy efficiency sector. The company is developing and marketing a highly compact and efficient heat cell for applications in the global heating industry.

Peter has a degree of Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering from the Royal Insti-tute of Technology in Stockholm and a degree in business administration from Lund University.

He has a track record of over 25 years positioning companies for success and market share growth in various industrial markets. He possesses a long experience of holding executive positions in sales and marketing, R&D and manufacturing functions in global companies like Alfa Laval and SWEP International.

He has significant expertise in successfully navigating long sales cycles for industrial components for various global industry sectors and was instrumental for developing heat transfer products into an exponential growth resulting in a €500 million worldwide market.