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By founding the Nobel Prize in 1901 Alfred Nobel made the name Nobel famous worldwide. But many may not know that Alfred’s prize was not the first Nobel Prize. As early as 1889 the Ludvig Nobel Award was founded. A prize dedicated to remarkable scientific accomplishments and discoveries in Russia.

Ludvig was Alfred Nobel’s older brother and worked as a scientist, inventor and businessman in Russia during the second half of the 19th century. Alfred was most likely inspired by his brother when founding the renowned Nobel Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards of our time. Ludvig and his other bother, Robert Nobel, started an oil company in Baku, a manufacturing site for diesel engines in St. Petersburg and many other industrial sites throughout Russia during the late 19th century.


Ludvig I. 1831 – 1888


Robert Nobel 1829 – 1896

Sustainability and Social Commitment

Under the leadership of Ludvig Nobel, and later on also by his eldest son Emmanuel, the oil company turned out to be the worlds second largest of its kind. The diesel engine factory became number one worldwide. At this time the Nobel industries in Russia were the country’s most influential business empire.

The success of Ludvig was based on a very humanitarian and innovative way of doing things – combined with the mind of a scientific entrepreneur. The worlds first oil transportation ship and pipelines for oil were constructed for the oil fields of Nobel in Baku.

As a visionary leader Ludvig strived to improve the conditions for the workers at the industrial sites. This was achieved by the introduction of shorter working hours, schools, healthcare and recreational facilities. He also opened a cooperative bank for the employees.
Sustainability and social commitment was the trademark of the Nobel industries.


“Zoroaster, the first tank boat in the world”


“The first pipe line in Russia”