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By founding the Nobel Prize in 1901 Alfred Nobel made the name Nobel famous worldwide. But many may not know that Alfred’s prize was not the first Nobel Prize. As early as 1889 the Ludvig Nobel Award was founded. A prize dedicated to remarkable scientific accomplishments and discoveries in Russia.

Ludvig was Alfred Nobel’s older brother and worked as a scientist, inventor and businessman in Russia during the second half of the 19th century. Alfred was most likely inspired by his brother when founding the renowned Nobel Prize, one of the most prestigious scientific awards of our time. Ludvig and his other bother, Robert Nobel, started an oil company in Baku, a manufacturing site for diesel engines in St. Petersburg and many other industrial sites throughout Russia during the late 19th century.


Ludvig I. 1831 – 1888


Robert Nobel 1829 – 1896

Sustainability and Social Commitment

Under the leadership of Ludvig Nobel, and later on also by his eldest son Emmanuel, the oil company turned out to be the worlds second largest of its kind. The diesel engine factory became number one worldwide. At this time the Nobel industries in Russia were the country’s most influential business empire.

The success of Ludvig was based on a very humanitarian and innovative way of doing things – combined with the mind of a scientific entrepreneur. The worlds first oil transportation ship and pipelines for oil were constructed for the oil fields of Nobel in Baku.

As a visionary leader Ludvig strived to improve the conditions for the workers at the industrial sites. This was achieved by the introduction of shorter working hours, schools, healthcare and recreational facilities. He also opened a cooperative bank for the employees.
Sustainability and social commitment was the trademark of the Nobel industries.


“Zoroaster, the first tank boat in the world”


“The first pipe line in Russia”

The Nobel Sustainability Trust

The Russian revolution in 1917 changed the scene dramatically. All of the Nobel industries and properties were taken over by the new government. The Nobel family was able to escape only thanks to loyal employees.

Ludvig Nobel’s prize in science and research never became much more than a dream due to the revolution. Today – almost one hundred years later – the Nobel name is amongst the most respected and honored in Russia and Azerbaijan. The efforts of Ludvig Nobel and his brother have not been forgotten.

Today the Nobel family has taken the initiative to honor the memory of Ludvig. Therefore we have founded the Nobel Sustainability Trust with the purpose of encouraging research and/or practice of sustainable and renewable energy, through an award.

The award, not to be confused with the Nobel prize of Alfred Nobel, will be given to worthy individuals or organizations that during the year have carried out significant accomplishments in the field of renewable/sustainable energy.

This vision can only become reality through sponsorship and donations from those who share our vision and support our cause. We welcome your support.


“Apartments for employees”


“School for employees children”

Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company

Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks to provide clean tech innovation with optimal environments in terms of financing, expertise and network to ensure market reach. This in order to accelerate the sustainability transition and ultimately to ensure ready access to energy for all members of our society whilst ensuring the protection of the Earth. Access to energy create independency and social, environmental and financial leverage, and is possible only through the use of sustainable and renewable energy. Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks to encourage action and the implementation of concrete sustainability solutions and projects without further delays.

The recognition “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” is awarded to companies holding outstanding and scalable technologies enabling an acceleration of the sustainability transition and access to energy now. Nobel Sustainability® Trust seeks through this recognition to successfully push forward the implementation and awareness of these technologies.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” was first awarded in October 2012 and can potentially be awarded to more than one company per year. Two companies have so far been named “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company”.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” Azuri Technologies – Eight19 Ltd.
Awarded in October 2012 in Copenhagen for its revolutionary “Pay-As-You-Go-Solar” low cost distribution model making solar energy available to all in developing countries. Azuri Technologies Ltd also develops through Eight19 Ltd a ground-breaking organic solar film.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” SUNPARTNER Group – WYSIPS.
Awarded in February 2013 in Vienna for its revolutionary transparent and low cost solar film technology making the use of solar energy possible on multiple surfaces. The WYSIPS (what you see is photovoltaic surface) technology has such various application areas as smart houses and smart cities, transport, communication devices and even textiles. SUNPARTNER also develops a ground-breaking middle concentration photovoltaic technology through Axiosun.

“Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company” GreenWave Reality 
Awarded the 23rd October 2013 in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Clean-tech Cluster annual event. The GreenWave Reality Home2Cloud solution engages consumers in their energy consumption by making it visible and manageable. The platform makes it easy and practical to connect and manage all consuming devices to the Internet including electrical appliances, thermostats and LED-lights so they can be easily managed and controlled through a single interface. Users can now see and understand their energy consumption, and utility companies gain improved control of production optimization as they can monitor consumption in real time and more accurately predict peaks and lows in consumption.