Stina Nordlander – COO

Miss Stina Nordlander graduated 2016 from junior college after studying natural sciences with the focus on biology. After graduating she worked as a natural science and mathematics teacher for 10-11 year old school children at a middle level school in the Northern Swedish town of Umeå.

Early in 2015, Stina Nordlander began working at a local refugee accommodation as a Swedish teacher. Her programs went viral on Youtube.

She has won multiple titles in beauty contests during recent years placing second in the Miss World Sweden competition of 2015 and became the first runner-up for the Swedish representative to the competition of Miss World 2015. She was also crowned Miss Supranational Sweden 2015. Currently Miss Nordlander is working as Chief Operating Officer and Office Manager for the Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation.


James Burton – VP

James is an expert in prize design and operations. He has advised organisations such as the World Bank, NASA, Coca Cola, Emerson Electric Co. and The Nigerian Ministry of Finance on structuring their own prizes and contributed to widely read books on the subject.

Previously he served as Chief of Staff to XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis and as head of prize development at HeroX. James holds an MSc and MBA from the University of Oxford, where he was a Pershing Square Scholar.

Kristian Vangsgaard – Global Brand Ambassador

In 2017, Kristian Vangsgaard entered the Nobel Sustainability Trust as a Global Brand Ambassador. He has a background in entrepreneurship, brand development and in the automobile and food & beverages industry. In his very versatile career, his travels around the world made him realize that immediate action is needed, in order to hand over a more balanced planet to the generations to come.

Kristian Vangsgaard works globally to gather financial contributions, and sign up country representatives. This work enables NST to be present in as many countries as possible, forming a community of doctors and professors that ensures innovation and talent development within the field, securing a better future.